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Enrichment Programs

Student Council

Student Council provides the ideal opportunity for our youth to discuss relevant issues, to work together for a common cause, and to contribute to the betterment of their school.  Officers are elected each fall and students meet monthly to discuss and vote on issues and fundraising ideas.  This group is able to raise enough money each year to provide several hundred dollars of scholarships to our 8th grade students.

Service Club

Our 5th-8th grade students are invited to join our Service Club.  

The Jagwire Student Newspaper

Aspiring writers become roving reporters while contributing articles to our student newspaper, The Jag Wire.  This student magazine features interviews, jokes, school events, and debates and is overseen by staff and parent volunteers.

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

Scouting plays a big part in supporting our students as they grow in character and independence.

In previous years' 8th grade class, young women earned the religious Marion Award, marking not only their commitment to scouting but to their faith development as well.  Our Cub Scouts are an active pack and many boys choose to continue on with Boy Scouts in the middle grades.

Student Buddy Program

In grades Kindergarten, First, and Second, younger students are paired with Pals, older students who help them complete special projects and guide them while participating in weekly Worship services.  It's not uncommon to spot junior high boys instructing a first grader in how to throw a better spiral or to hear a fifth grader urge a kindergarten child to take a few more bites of lunch.  



St. John has ONE major fundraiser each fall - the Walk A Thon. With generous help from our sponsors, volunteers, faculty and staff, and our STUDENTS, we are able to raise enough money to support projects throughout the school year!

Reward Programs

Boxtops for Education

Campbell's Labels for Education

Kroger Plus Rewards

St. John SCRIP Program

Art & Music

Art & Music


We have both a children's and junior high choir and they can be heard leading us in song at school Masses and during our concerts.  Junior High students enjoy displaying their expertise in our yearly talent show as well.


Students wishing to enhance their drawing and visual spacing talents may take part in Art Club after school, while aspiring musicians may take band instruction before school.

Academic Activities

Academic Activities

Science Club

The science club provides students the opportunity to explore scientific concepts beyond the regular curriculum.  On a monthly basis, students take science to new heights, whether it involves dropping eggs off the roof in student-made casings or propelling water balloons across the parking lot. 

Math Club

The Math club invites 3rd and 4th grade students to explore Math concepts with hands-on learning, games, and real-life experiences. 

Field Trips

Off site day trips are coordinated each year for various grade levels to supplement the daily curriculum, allowing students to gain experience and knowledge outside the classroom environment and to engage in the subjects they study. Past trips include: The Cincinnati Zoo, Gorman Heritage Farm, Newport Aquarium, Sharon Woods, Miami Whitewater Forest, Trammel Fossil Park, Wendel Farms, Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Art Museum, Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati Music Hall, Franklin County Antique Machinery Show, Cincinnati Gardens and more.

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