Transforming Technology

We are excited to announce the integration of additional technology in our daily curriculum.

You can find all of the details in our announcement letter.

We also expect you to have questions, and you can find answers to many of them in our FAQ list.

Stay tuned for more information as we continue to prepare for these exciting enhancements!

Technology Curriculum

We have made technology a top priority in our funding in recent years, allowing us to remain consistent with our building technology plan.  We have mounted, interactive SMART boards and projectors in every classroom, enabling teachers to bring the world into the classroom, to call upon other instructors to model a lesson, or to enhance instruction by providing more opportunities for students to interact with content.  

Our computer lab was recently updated with laptops to be utilized by classes throughout the week, and the upper grades have two carts of mobile laptops for use in all subject areas.  In addition, classrooms have Nexus tablets or Chromebooks and students are taught technology standards and competencies to access a variety of resources for research and learning.  

Technology is a vital part of the curricular instruction as well as a communication tool for students, teachers, and parents.  We utilize Option C as our system for administering student information.  Teachers use this as a tool for updating assignments and tracking student grades.    

We have built our technology to a ratio of 1 computer for every 2 students in the school, and look forward to continuing to expand the use of technology for our students and staff.

Technology Committee

Technology Instructor: 
  • Ms. Lisa Mirizzi

Teacher Representatives: 

  • Jana Anneken
  • Jan Metzger
  • Karen Schwab
  • Amanda Wallace

Parent Volunteers:

  • Mindy Caldwell
  • Sarah Kiefer
  • Dave Ott
  • Chris Roesener